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Logos & Branding

Your Logo

  • Establishes the look and color palette for your entire brand.
  • Has to be totally unique to you, especially within your industry.

We are going to think outside the box and take our creativity as far as you want to push it.

We know what it takes to keep corporate brands growing and updated whilst maintaining standards in an ever changing communications arena.

We train marketing directors and their departments how to work to higher brand standards in a multi-media universe.

Look at the latest, logo design is evolving: Ecobranding – Could your brand save ink?


Included in Your Logo Design Estimate

First, we will listen to all your ideas, and look at all the examples of logos you’ve collected. Then we will look at your competitors, to make sure our designs are completely original to you and your industry. Set with all this information we then create digital sketches. Our initial estimate includes 2 rounds of design revisions as we fine-tune your logo and perfect your color palette, then finally perfect of the logo you choose.

Your artwork will be produced at the highest standards using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

We will give you eps, jpg, png files for use in web and print. You will also receive 1 and 2 spot color versions for embroidery/silk screening hats, shirts or signs; as well as the original vector art files to enlarge for billboards or large signage.

You will also receive the PMS (pantone management system) colors of your chosen color palette, with rbg (web) and cmyk (print) color breakdowns to keep your corporate image consistent across all platforms.


Additional Rounds of Designs

We often show additional designs that you were not expecting. Some clients choose to go through multiple rounds of revisions as they explore more creative branding options, color palettes, hand drawn or illustrated logos options. This is why some logos cost $500 and some logos cost $5,000. Don’t worry! We will guide you through the process and stick within our agreed budget.


WARNING – Watch out for the $200 Logo routine

Your logo has to be totally unique to you, especially within your industry. Watch out for designers that cut and paste stock illustrations into your logo – the typical $200 logo routine – They don’t necessarily know what they are doing! Several companies in your area may have the rights to these illustrations including your competition. Your customers may easily mistake your competition for you. Worse case scenario; you may loose business and enter legal battles due to trademark infringement.


Boards of Directors & Marketing Departments

We are going to bring forward, cutting edge thinking to your project.

We can either:
a).  Do our homework and bring out-of-the-box ideas to you based on your input.


b).  Make a collaborative effort and collect input from multiple people, incorporating everyone’s ideas to show as many variations as possible. The team can mix and match different elements and design styles, until the group finds something that uniquely represents your brand. Not to worry, you will have a great logo at the end of this process. We’ve done this before, good design always trumps bad taste!


Brand Standards

Depending on the complexity of your brand you will receive a 1 page or booklet pdf outlining your brand standards, as stated in your estimate. This will keep your brand consistent when working with other printers, display companies, videographers, and other marketing professionals, etc.

We have set-up brand standards for companies of all sizes. Even standardizing brands through: event clothing, uniforms, fleet graphics, co-op advertising, ads, billboards, corporate fonts, paper stocks, marketing language and corporate text abbreviations, etc.


Additional Branding Items to Consider

Not included in your initial estimate, but you may want to consider some of the following options:

  • Design of your printed business cards and stationary
  • Set-up digital stationary templates in Microsoft Word
  • Set-up email signatures with your new logo
  • Set-up logos and graphics in PowerPoint and Word templates
  • Create custom PowerPoint backgrounds to keep your presentations unique to your brand in your corporate color palette
  • Set-up all graphic assets in SalesForce.com or other CMS software
  • Standardize your corporate fonts across print and web, and work out the best licensing agreements for any unique fonts that make your brand stand out
  • Standardize your corporate paper stocks to give a unique touch and feel to your printed items
  • Animate your logo for web and video production – we came up with ideas for this when designing your logo
  • Show how logo will look over packaging, signage, clothing, fleet graphics, website, etc.


Understanding Trademarks

Registering your logo is a very important step in owning your brand. Without it could lead to years of legal battles at a great expense. You don’t want other companies or your competition using your logo in their advertising and communications.

When you apply for a legal trademark we put a ™ next to your logo.

When you have been awarded the trademark we change the ™ to ®.

1. To register a trademark, go to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Web site, www.uspto.gov. You can also use this website to check that your logo design is totally unique to you and your industry.

We suggest you acquaint yourself with trademark and copyright laws, do your homework and when in doubt consult your business law, trademark law, copyright law attorney. Click here for our copyright policies.