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Our Transfer of Copyrights

Our policy is that upon final payment we will transfer all copyrights to you by the terms we outlined in our initial estimate. Many of our clients use the marketing assets we set-up both within their marketing department and to give to their advertising and marketing suppliers.

We collect copy write agreements from all the creative people that work directly with us. When working with 3rd party suppliers we sign and abide by their copyright agreements.

We reserve the right to use our design work in the promotion of In-House Creative Solutions their partners, staff and associates in all medias, including; print, web, photography, video, and portfolio, etc.


Understanding Copyrights

Whenever a designer, copywriter, illustrator, photographer or model produces artwork for you, without a legal copyright agreement the law gives you one year of use of their work for the price you paid.


This is why:

Imagine the artist that came up with the coca cola logo. It may only have cost $10 when it was first thought up, but that logo is actually worth millions now. If there was no copyright agreement at the time the logo was created, than that artist has a legal right to a portion of those profits that he helped create for that company. That’s why Coca Cola will pay $20,000, $50,000 or more to for logo improvements, as they are buying the copyrights to legally own their brand. Without a copyright agreement, the law gives one year of use of the logo, designs, photography, models and text that is created for you without further compensation to the creator.

These laws were established to stop one corporation stealing the brand of another corporation, but also to stop big corporations taking advantage of poorer artists, photographers, designers, writers and models.

If you eventually want to sell your company and the brand you’ve built then you need to pay attention and make sure you legally own the copyrights to all your corporate assets. Including: logos, designs, photography, models in the photography and even your text/copy that was created for you – these are all protected under U.S. copyright laws. If you have any questions we suggest you consult your corporate law or copyright law attorney.